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welcome to my page


Love Life and Live life

Thank you for all your support over the years,and long may it continue  I will be updating my site on a weekly basis....so for any info just keep checking in.....
A brief update...I have been hard at work trying to get my demo off to some radio stations so fingers crossed you might hear me again soon....

Well I think its about time I put the record straight and draw a line under my 7 waves radio career and move on with my life and my family.Firstly let me apologise to everyone who thinks I was being a bully by leaving snide comments on my facebook and if I offended anyone" sorry"but I had to remain silent for over 4 months while Steve Lloyd Paul Mac and Karen Quinworth still worked on a radio station that I helped set up back in 2003, laughing behind my back and spreading vicious lies about me, hell they even told the board I was bullying Steve Lloyd into given me information from the management meetings..anyone that knows me will tell you that I will tell you to your face if I think there is a problem but bully and talk about people behind their back never....Paul Mac now has my spot on the radio amazing hey after he publicly swore at me on facebook,as for Karen Quinworth she was phoning other presenters and warning them not to join my" Mid Mornings will never be the same" page if they wanted to keep there places at 7 waves..Pauline decided to sack me over something I said to Glynn Thomas in the reception area at The station which allegedly was heard by a director of arena housing, what I said was and I quote "I am sick and tired of being treated like shit at 7 waves"unquote, this was after I was questioned about my competitions and how I choose my winners...makes you feel like a criminal after giving them 6 years on and off of my time for nothing not even petrol money all of a sudden I was being questioned about my competion prizes which the top value was £32.00...now this accusation was passed on to Pauline Murphy by Karen Quinworth....go figure... Nick Fair also put his bit in after I complained to him about taking too long with a clients jingle...a big client it was too so when you are up against all these people what chance do you have..all I ever did at 7 waves was to try and make it a succesful community radio station but when I tried to help some people thought I was trying to take there jobs or there shows or trying to get all the presenters to mutiny when I organised a presenters meeting at a pub..because management had said that they will not talk to anyone anymore in a meeting.....all the other presenters bar Steve Jenny and Kerry were complaining to me about not being able to get their point across to the management so I set up the meeting at the pub for everyone to attend except management so that they could talk freely and then I would take all their issues to the management and see if we could come up with a solution,but this was classed as trying to organise a mutiny and I think from there it was the beginning of the end.Anyway perhaps now you will have a better understanding of exactly what happened on the 29th July 2009...and before that...I really miss being involved in radio as it is a huge part of my life...I will continue to search for that dream..if you feel you need to delete me from your friends list I understand as I know that Im not mr perfect and perhaps my comments about Steve were a little harsh....but no regrets I still believe in everything I said and done and my feelings towards some people will not change...but I promise you I will not be making anymore comments on my facebook about 7 waves or any of their staff...
Thankyou for taking the time to read this...and your comments will be welcomed good or bad hey Im still learning something everyday.
Love the life you live,and live the life you love.

Welcome to 2009


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    Hello and welcome to my own personal webspace,My name is Gerald S Priestley and I live on the Wirral in the United Kingdom.I do hope that you will take the time to read through all my pages,and hopefully you will discover the man inside.


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